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I am here to see, hear, accept, guide, and support you!

I use INTUITIVE READING to help you gain insight,
REIKI to heal and clear inner blocks, and
COACHING to support your positive actions!

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Using INTUITIVE READINGS, REIKI, and COACHING I guide you to recognize & release:


So you can take inspired action to live the life your soul desires!


"I am so grateful for the support, clarity and guidance that sessions with Monica have given me over the months. I have always found her insight spot on. She gives helpful tools to work on between sessions as part of the coaching, which I found immensely helpful and effective. Monica has a caring, uplifting and understanding energy, that instantly made me feel better during difficult times. Thanks to our sessions, I have started to move through lifelong blocks, step more into my power and connect more deeply to my inner wisdom. She is a powerful healer, but also a joy to be around. I have also recommended Monica to several friends who have all had high praise as well."

JK, Lafayette, CO


"Monica has such a peaceful way about her that immediately put me at ease when I called her in a panic about an issue I was dealing with. My intuitive reading with Monica was confirming of things that I had been feeling about a change in my life path and also showed me places that I have been stopping myself from stepping into my greatness. I was truly inspired to start making changes immediately and to really start listening to that inner voice and intuition instead of disregarding it and thinking it's nothing. I will be back for more!"

D - Boulder, CO

"Monica's intuition is so incredibly accurate that I am in awe of her. She recently helped me through a very difficult relationship crisis, giving me amazing insights into my partner. Her support enabled me to end the relationship with integrity, compassion, fairness, respect and dignity, for myself and him. Monica gave me the tools to stand in my own strength and begin to step into who I really am —not just a Reiki Master, not just a woman, but a person who has the courage to pursue her passion in life and heal on a deep level. I am grateful to Monica in so many ways. I cannot thank her enough."



"Recently, I've had a full knee replacement and Monica has been helping me recover with Reiki sessions a few times a week.  I can tell you that both my Doctor and Physical Therapist have both told me I am ahead of where most people would be along the recovery timeline.  I personally feel like Reiki has increased circulation and helped reduce the bruising in my thigh due to the tourniquet used in surgery.  For me, Monica and Reiki have been positive components to the post-surgery rehabilitation of my knee."

 -John Truhlar, CO


"The reading I had with Monica was insightful and healing. I had some old stuff coming up that I am working with that needed purging. She helped me to see what was causing unrest and even illness in my body. Also to see the beautiful beings that surround me. I highly recommend working with her!"

Kathleen Sands, Boulder, CO


"A few months ago, I received a positive FIT result for my colon and my doctor scheduled a colonoscopy. I was concerned about cancer, since my Mom died from that.

Monica did a Body Scan Reading and saw that what created the positive result was not life-threatening, though some changes would be helpful. That was very reassuring. She identified specific mental-emotional shifts that were important for me, which seemed right on target. She was also able to pick up that a vegetarian diet would be beneficial, along with a few other specific foods. She did Reiki to assist the healing process and I could really feel the energy going to work.

I made her suggested changes and immediately felt more energy, slept better, and my digestion improved. I then had the colonoscopy and it showed just a remnant of a minor internal hemorroid that appeared to be healing--and nothing more. A very nice confirmation of what Monica had seen, the changes she suggested, and the work she had done."

Kevin Schoeninger, Lafayette, CO


"I FELT SO UPLIFTED by my Intuitive Reading with Monica! I'm going through a difficult time with my husband's terminal illness; after meeting with her, I felt truly known and encouraged by her clear insights into my life. She is so genuine, deeply caring and gentle in her approach; I felt very comfortable with her and respected as a person. I plan to continue with weekly sessions, and have already offered to pay for a dear friend to have a session with her.  

As a Counselor and Spiritual Director, I've known many people in the healing arts field; Monica is exceptional in the depth of her perception of a person's reality and in her healing gifts. EVERYTHING she told me was right on. Much of it she could not have known except through her intuitive gifts and Spirit's guidance; she is truly tuned in to the heart of Reality. She is a natural healer, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to grow as a person and to see more clearly their true identity and life purpose."

~Karen Williamson, WA

"I've known Monica for over 20 years and have been honored to witness her creative spiritual journey. We met in the weight room of all places! Yet here, we shared our dedication to the body as an exquisite vehicle for conscious growth and healing. Then there's music. She is a beautiful musician with an angelic voice who devoted herself to teaching hundreds of young people through her Wildflower Music School.

Monica has now woven this wisdom into her unique blend of Intuitive Reading and Reiki energy healing sessions. She truly has a gift for seeing clearly and listening deeply without judgment. Her gentle yet laser sharp intuition along with her healing touch shines fresh light on the darkest subconscious blocks which allows them to gently release. I highly recommend her sessions!"

~Colleen Vistara, Boulder CO

"My reading with Monica was the first reading I have ever had and it was absolutely wonderful! I felt very comfortable and relaxed the whole time. The reading really helped me understand my thoughts and feelings as of late and brought new insight to some important life decisions I'm facing. Overall, Monica's reading gave me a great sense of clarity and confidence whereas, before, I was feeling confused and anxious. I highly recommend having an intuitive reading with Monica!"

~Brittany Mahoney

"Monica's intuitive reading was such a magical experience and a breath of fresh air! She is clear, genuine, and spot on. I left my session feeling so inspired to go live my life and make changes to the areas that needed attention!"

~Rebecca Abraxas, Musician/Sound Healer/Actor

"The intuitive reading I had with Monica was positive, natural, and comfortable. She picked up on things that have recently been on the forefront of my mind, and presented them back to me in a way that not only helped me make sense of them, but felt like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Monica was respectful and aware of my opinion and choice surrounding the topics she chose to explore. I plan to have future readings with Monica, and would recommend her to anyone looking to gain insight, confidence, and strength within themselves."

~Lindsey Bradley


"Thank you so much for the most amazing reading and for all of the time you spent being totally present with me.  It was such a powerful experience. The insights you shared with me were incredible and accurate.  They allowed me to see some truths about myself that I wasn't able to see clearly until your reading.  This has allowed me to begin making some positive changes in my life. Your work is such a gift and you are truly a talented healer.  Thanks for all your love and support.  I would highly recommend working with Monica."

~Stephanie Farrell

"During my chakra healing session with Monica, I was acutely aware of where she was focusing the energy, even though my eyes were closed. I have a chronic cough and was curious to see if she would migrate to my throat chakra. I started to experience a tightening in my shoulders, throat and chest area: as if something was pulling up and out of my body. She then moved to my legs and feet (the site of an old injury). I felt tingling and vibrations from my knees down.

When Monica would come upon an area that was "blocked", I felt a heating sensation, sometimes pulling, tingling, or throbbing; followed by a cooling, relaxing sensation as the blockage released. Our internal healing energy is very real and powerful. I encourage everyone to open their minds and give it a try."

~Denise Sawyer


"My reading with Monica was so wonderful. I was a bit nervous going into it because I didn't really know what to expect, but Monica created an open and comfortable atmosphere, allowing me to have a very insightful and positive experience. She was honest and encouraging, and I left feeling lighter and more refreshed all together. Monica truly has a special skill, and she has found a way to harness it in order to help those around her. This comes as no surprise, as I have known her for ten years and she has always had one of the warmest and kindest souls of anyone I've ever met! I would definitely recommend trying one of Monica's readings. Whether you have specific questions, or just out of curiosity, it is sure to be an enlightening experience!" 

~Margo Fraser


"Monica gave a wonderful reading. From the moment I arrived she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I had never met her before and yet everything she brought up was so true to my life. She was so sincere about everything she shared and it was easy to tell she really cared to take the time to get each point across in the appropriate way. I would love to go back for another reading!"

~Kaylin Wax


"I recommend a reading by Monica only if you're prepared to have a unique and profound experience. I've had readings before, but this one affected me in a surprising and a bit shocking way. It didn't take long it. It happened kind of fast for me and I had sudden insight into a previously buried emotional issue. While it was a bit stressful in that moment, I am glad for the insight and will do it again."
~G.L, Lafayette, CO

"I was amazed. I have had readings before, but nothing like this. Monica was prayerful, gentle, sensitive and completely accurate. Her method was organized and disciplined. Everything she spoke was accurate and supportive of my growth, where I have been, where I'm going, what I value, and what I'm reaching for. Her reading was encouraging, hopeful, and left me anticipating my next adventures."

~Douglas Schoeninger, PA


"I came to see Monica to help with my unresolved issues with losing weight. I can lose it but it comes back again purely out of self-sabotage and I couldn't work out where this was coming from. I am not new to the teachings of nutrition and exercise etc so felt like I had a solid foundation on the things you are supposed to know.

I had spent some time with a therapist and although I made some progress, I still had a niggling feeling that there were still unresolved but I couldn't work out what they were. Unlike some, I am one of the lucky ones “a happy childhood and I had experienced no major traumas against my soul.

I had met Monica twice through a connection with her husband who I work with on a weekly basis for physical training. I felt comfortable around her so when her husband mentioned that she does Intuitive Readings¯ I immediately thought it would be worth a try. To be honest, I had no idea what Intuitive Reading was but felt compelled to open my mind and give it 100%. I tend towards logical and practical ways of thinking so this was all new territory for me.

Within minutes of sitting down with Monica, I could feel emotions being stirred and then it began. What happened over the next two hours was a profound experience with enlightenment. I began to get in touch with some deeply buried beliefs that Monica gently brought to the surface. There is something about her that was easy and channeled. I use the word "channeled" as she kept the session artfully on track while acknowledging elements that arose that would be better served at a later point in time. Not to say that she ignored stuff, but just that she recognized what made sense to explore during that first 2 hours versus what should be explored next time. I wasn't expecting to resolve 40+ years of life experiences in 2 hours and acknowledge that this process will take a little time.

There will be a next time, as I am convinced that what she and I uncovered are elements that run deep and need some sorting out. I would like to update my review a little later on down the road to give you a sense of how this all plays out but for now suffice to say that I truly believe Monica has me on the right path. Thank YOU Monica!"

~SSC Jan 2016