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Monica Augustine


Intuitive Reader
Reiki Master Teacher
Life Coach

ICRT Professional Member


Intuitive Readings & Intuition Skills Classes:

In an Intuitive Reading, I will attune to your personal energy field and tap into what Spirit and your Higher Self communicates as most important for you to know at this time. It could be something going on for you physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It could be a relationship or health issue or job or career choices that need to be made. The reading could also be centered around a specific question or concern.

Clients report that these readings bring clarity, understanding, support, encouragement, and guidance.  Often specific helpful action steps come to light.  My intention is to be gentle, respectful, loving, and honest.

Intuitive Readings can be in person or over the phone. Sessions typically last 60 minutes

Reiki Sessions & Classes:
(Click here for more information on Holy Fire Usui Reiki Classes)

Reiki is spiritually-guided life energy that promotes deep relaxation and facilitates healing and spiritual growth.  Most people find a session deeply soothing, though mental-emotional or health issues often come into awareness.  You can also bring a specific concern into your session for healing.  Reiki helps you to gently release and clear these issues in a way that is right for you at the moment. Reiki clients often feel that Reiki brings them back into connection with who they really are, so that they feel aligned with their true selves and life purpose.

A Reiki session can be hands on or off the body.  Clients are fully-clothed and usually lying down. The Reiki System I use is called, Holy Fire II Usui Reiki. A typical session last 60 minutes. I also teach Holy Fire II Reiki classes for those interested in learning to use Reiki on themselves and others.

Click Here to view Monica's Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

Life Coaching:

I am a Life Coach certified by the American Union of NLP.  The purpose of Life Coaching is to assist you to move forward to achieve what is important to you.  That can be anything, from weight loss to building a career.  My intention is to give you weekly support, help you be accountable, and teach you tools to reach your goals. I will also show you the best questions to ask yourself to get to the heart of what your soul desires, understand what's holding you back, and identify action steps you are ready to take.

Life Coaching Sessions are typically 60 minutes.

Chakra Healing and Clearing:
In a Chakra Healing energy blocks are removed and cleared, so your body can heal itself and fill in the removed energy with healthy, vital energy. Chakra healing and clearing is usually done while you are seated and I often combine this with an Intuitive Reading

Sessions typically last 60 minutes

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