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Monica Augustine


Intuitive Life Coach
Reiki Master Teacher

ICRT Professional Member


Intuitive Life Coaching:
In an Intuitive Life Coaching session, I attune to your personal energy field and tap into what Spirit and your Higher Self communicates as most important for you to know at this time. It could be something going on for you physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It could be a relationship or health issue or job or career choices that need to be made. The reading could also be centered around a specific question or concern and how to move forward in this area of your life.  We then focus on insight into positive action steps.
I am certified as a Life Coach by the American Union of NLP. The purpose of Life Coaching is to assist you to move forward to achieve what is important to you.  That can be anything, from weight loss to building a career.  My intention is to give you ongoing support, help you be accountable, and teach you tools to reach your goals. I will also show you the best questions to ask yourself to get to the heart of what your soul desires, understand what's holding you back, and identify action steps you are ready to take.
Clients report that these sessions bring clarity, understanding, support, encouragement, and guidance.  Often specific helpful action steps come to light.  My intention is to be gentle, respectful, loving, and honest.
Intuitive Life Coaching sessions can be in person or over the phone. Sessions typically last 60 minutes

New You 1: We focus on mental/emotional healing and removing blocks to experience what you’d like in this life. This includes personal goals, healing and removing blocks of fear, guilt, shame, and becoming more aware and mindful with self-acceptance and compassion.


New You 2: The prerequisite to this course is taking New You 1.

New You II  carries through with some of New You 1’s focus and carries you into taking responsibility for your part in what you see in your life and not projecting it outward—no matter how much you want to point the finger. Pointing the finger keeps you in the victim’s chair. Disempowered. It’s so easy to get stuck here.

So, we focus on seeing everything that has shown up in your life as a mindset or belief you are holding consciously or unconsciously. We practice seeing how challenging situations and relationships in your present life are your best teachers, especially if you are utterly annoyed what’s happening.

We practice taking self-responsibility back, so you find your power and feel confident and self-reliant mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This isn’t saying we are an island or we don’t reach out for support and companionship/friendship or stay in unhealthy relationships.  This is the essence of healthy happy life. We practice the habit of taking responsibility to see how we contribute to the creation of what’s happening in our lives, so we can break limiting habits and be more intentional in what we choose and create.


Tuning into Your Higher Self 1:

This course is about learning to identify with the soul/spirit (Higher Self) part of you and not the ego /personality. The ego and personality are a positive part of our being. They have an important job. The unhealed or fragmented ego/personality can tend to experience a lot of negative feelings and emotions that can cause us to react and see the world in a fearful way.

 Being aware of the different feelings and internal dialogue of all soul/spirit and ego/personality is essential. Learning to notice and make choices, responses, and decisions from the Higher Self is the focus of this class. We will practice with day to day choices, while observing the thoughts, fears, and joy that comes up.

Learning to tune into Higher Self reminds you of where you come from and how you always have the opportunity to be connected to Peace, Love and Light. Strengthening your connection with these frequencies creates a beautiful, joyful life filled with trust. I’m not saying you will never experience challenges and frustrations. I am saying that you will learn to connect with the vibration of peace, love, and light and see how everything you experience has the opportunity to liberate you.  This ripples out into everything you do and all your relationships, so you help make this world a better place to be.


Tuning into Your Higher Self 2: The prerequisite to this course is “Tuning Into Your Higher Self 1”

This class will go deeper into trusting and surrendering to Peace, Love, Light, and Higher Self/God in your life, bringing into alignment any areas of ego/personality that need to be reunited with your Higher Self or Godself. These may have been separated or fragmented in moments of trauma or abuse.

As you become aware of these fragmented ego/personality parts, you can integrate them with your Higher Self.  The ego/personality learns to trust the Higher Self, so all parts work together in harmony. While each have different jobs in your life’s journey, when all parts work well together it makes for a much more peaceful and enjoyable life. We will use your present day life experiences and practice exercises with letting go, trusting, and how you identify yourself.


Strengthening Your Intuition:  Intuition Skills Classes

This class gives you tools and techniques to see, hear, and feel how your intuition works. You’ll discover how intuition is ever present and tries to assist you in your day to day life, your dreams, and synchronicities, when open up to it. By practicing these intuition techniques together, you’ll learn to recognize your own intuitive capacities and grow your skills.  Your intuition will become a sure guide to move forward in your life and help those whom you love.


Reiki Sessions & Classes: (Click here for more information on Holy Fire Usui Reiki Classes)
Reiki is spiritually-guided life energy that promotes deep relaxation and facilitates healing and spiritual growth.  Most people find a session deeply soothing, though mental-emotional or health issues often come into awareness.  You can also bring a specific concern into your session for healing.  Reiki helps you to gently release and clear these issues in a way that is right for you at the moment. Reiki clients often feel that Reiki brings them back into connection with who they really are, so that they feel aligned with their true selves and life purpose.
In a Reiki session, energy blocks are removed and cleared, so your body can heal itself and fill in the removed energy with healthy, vital energy. I often combine this with Intuitive Reading and Coaching for clients who want this.

A Reiki session can be hands on or off the body, in-person or distant.  Clients are fully-clothed and usually lying down. The Reiki System I use is called Holy Fire III Usui Reiki. A typical session last 60 minutes. I also teach Holy Fire III Reiki classes for those interested in learning to use Reiki on themselves and others.

 Click Here to view Monica's Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

Monica’s Story:

I am married to an incredible man with two amazing boys 18 and 28 years old.  I enjoy exercising outside, meditating, singing, writing songs, reading, traveling, getting together with family and friends.

Having grown up experiencing mental/emotional/physical/sexual abuse, being part of growing a healthy family is a strong part of my life purpose, along with music and intuitive healing work.  Music was a big part of my life for many years. I performed as a singer/songwriter for over 25 years and founded and directed Wildflower School of Voice for over 20 years in Boulder, Colorado.  In 2014, I sold this business to pursue my new work as an intuitive, coach, and healer.  I became certified as a Life Coach and went through all levels of Holy Fire Reiki training to become a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher.  I also still teach singing very part-time and also continue to write and record songs.

I got into this healing work because I enjoy supporting others with the intentions of them living their best life. In my early childhood-early teen years I experienced mental/emotional/physical/sexual abuse. I understand the feelings and thoughts that come along with that. This led me on a journey to find mental peace, self-acceptance, and self-love and to help others who have been through similar trauma. It has been quite a healing journey.  I find it very purposeful supporting and helping others and this in turn deepens my own practice. I have a strong belief and practice of prayer and connection to God, Jesus, Love, and Light and desire to understand and deepen that connection. I welcome all people of any background or belief into my work. I believe we each have our unique path and no one path is right for all. Supporting and accepting one another is an ongoing practice.

Blessings and Love to you,




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